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The argument is turned into a PipeOp if possible. If clone is TRUE, a deep copy is made if the incoming object is a PipeOp to ensure the resulting object is a different reference from the incoming object.

as_pipeop() is an S3 method and can therefore be implemented by other packages that may add objects that can naturally be converted to PipeOps. Objects that can be converted are for example Learner (using PipeOpLearner) or Filter (using PipeOpFilter).


as_pipeop(x, clone = FALSE)



Object to convert.


Whether to return a (deep copied) clone if x is a PipeOp.



x or a deep clone of it.

See also

Other Graph operators: %>>%(), as_graph(), assert_graph(), assert_pipeop(), chain_graphs(), greplicate(), gunion(), mlr_graphs_greplicate