A simple Dictionary storing objects of class Graph. The dictionary contains a collection of often-used graph structures, and it's aim is solely to make often-used functions more accessible. Each Graph has an associated help page, which can be accessed via ?mlr_graphs_<key>, i.e. ?mlr_graphs_bagging.


R6Class object inheriting from mlr3misc::Dictionary.


Methods inherited from Dictionary, as well as:

  • add(key, value)
    (character(1), function)
    Adds constructor value to the dictionary with key key, potentially overwriting a previously stored item.

S3 methods

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library(mlr3) lrn = lrn("regr.rpart") task = mlr_tasks$get("boston_housing") # Robustify the learner for the task. gr = pipeline_robustify(task, lrn) %>>% po("learner", lrn) # or equivalently gr = mlr_graphs$get("robustify", task = task, learner = lrn) %>>% po(lrn) # or equivalently gr = ppl("robustify", task, lrn) %>>% po("learner", lrn) # all Graphs currently in the dictionary: as.data.table(mlr_graphs)
#> key #> 1: bagging #> 2: branch #> 3: greplicate #> 4: ovr #> 5: robustify #> 6: targettrafo