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Takes in a Prediction of predict_type "prob" (for PredictionClassif) or "se" (for PredictionRegr) and generates a randomized "response" prediction.

For "prob", the responses are sampled according to the probabilities of the input PredictionClassif. For "se", responses are randomly drawn according to the rdistfun parameter (default is rnorm) by using the original responses of the input PredictionRegr as the mean and the original standard errors of the input PredictionRegr as the standard deviation (sampling is done observation-wise).


R6Class object inheriting from PipeOp.


PipeOpRandomResponse$new(id = "randomresponse", param_vals = list(), packages = character(0))

  • id :: character(1)
    Identifier of the resulting object, default "randomresponse".

  • param_vals :: named list
    List of hyperparameter settings, overwriting the hyperparameter settings that would otherwise be set during construction. Default list().

  • packages :: character
    Set of all required packages for the private$.predict() methods related to the rdistfun parameter. Default is character(0).

Input and Output Channels

PipeOpRandomResponse has one input channel named "input", taking NULL during training and a Prediction during prediction.

PipeOpRandomResponse has one output channel named "output", producing NULL during training and a Prediction with random responses during prediction.


The $state is left empty (list()).


  • rdistfun :: function
    A function for generating random responses when the predict type is "se". This function must accept the arguments n (integerish number of responses), mean (numeric for the mean), and sd (numeric for the standard deviation), and must vectorize over mean and sd. Default is rnorm.


If the predict_type of the input Prediction does not match "prob" or "se", the input Prediction will be returned unaltered.


Only fields inherited from PipeOp.


Only methods inherited from PipeOp.

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 if (requireNamespace("rpart")) { 

task1 = tsk("iris")
g1 = LearnerClassifRpart$new() %>>% PipeOpRandomResponse$new()
g1$pipeops$classif.rpart$learner$predict_type = "prob"

task2 = tsk("mtcars")
g2 = LearnerRegrLM$new() %>>% PipeOpRandomResponse$new()
g2$pipeops$regr.lm$learner$predict_type = "se"
#> $randomresponse.output
#> <PredictionRegr> for 32 observations:
#>     row_ids truth response
#>           1  21.0 23.76570
#>           2  21.0 21.28602
#>           3  22.8 27.52332
#> ---                       
#>          30  19.7 16.99001
#>          31  15.0 13.88306
#>          32  21.4 22.80808